The Battle Cats

And now, having accumulated enough forces and troops, they want to spend a total capture of the planet. Cats are coming !!!
Fight in the role of commander, for these furry, nyashnye animals.
To win in any territory must break the resistance of the enemy and destroy their base. Submit to battle his faithful warriors, each of which is threatening, unique and nice at the same time. Conventional, cats, tanks, cats with axes, Colossus, Ninja motorcycle troops, samurai, dinosaurs, fish, birds and even sumo wrestlers. They will take any kind, just to win the battle.
Do not forget to upgrade your base and its main battery in case of an unexpected counter-attack, you will have something to meet the enemy.
Triumphantly walk around the world and show everyone who is boss.
Simple graphical style and animation will save your eyes during mass battles involving many wars on both sides. And do not tense gameplay about all your favorite seals appeal to many players.

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