Megapolis - is an arcade urban development strategy that does not include the main master of fanaticism in this genre. Playing it you get a pleasure without worrying that 5% of the population lives far from the pizza and now you threatened riots and pogroms.
The main thing is the development and creation, and all the problems will take care of your advisers and time prompt, it is necessary to build or what you need to get a regular income.
A steady stream of jobs simply will not give you any free minutes in the chair of the Mayor. Electricity, water, stores, gas stations, roads, and much more. An incredible number of buildings in different categories of force lost bookmarks. But here, found a good solution.
Build factories, enclose them contracts for the manufacture of various products and then your citizens will always be jobs and the Treasury will receive a steady income.
With the growth of the territory you will be able to include in the city limits of various large objects and structures that will enhance the status of your settlement. And access to the highway will open up access to the global map.
Megapolis - the perfect solution for those who do not want to hammer my head huge unnecessary information, and does not want to mistakes his city was deserted in an instant.

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