Iron Desert


Iron Desert - a new free cross-platform strategy of the company, gave us free war games such as Jungle Heat and Evolution. Get ready to become a master of hot deserts, commander! Your army is spoiling for a fight, the war begins, the battle is calling!

You will enjoy a modern military equipment, powerful artillery, their own military camp, dynamic battle for resources and complete dominance over the enemy. First, you have to be a light tanks, and then will be the first combat helicopter, and this is just the beginning. Begin to fight and grow - and you'll soon realize that never before online war games were not so beautiful and exciting!

Striving to win, always remember your main tasks: defense base, the best military equipment, the most sophisticated army. And of course, the tactics and strategy!

Improving military camp and watched the tower defense to the central command post was always on top, confident start to capture territory. Point to battle tanks, spacing base opponents to pieces, selected valuable resources and becoming more powerful, influential and rich!

No cost and without dangerous enemies: you have to overthrow the mad tyrant named Iron Dragon Commander defeat his minions and the Scar liberate the continent from their oppression. Unite with other players, create your own clan, participate in PvP-battles and wash powder anyone who gets in your way to domination in the desert!

The game is optimized for Android smartphones and tablets.


- Dynamic Battle: Use wisely orders during the battle and turn the tide in their favor.
- The winner is the strongest: the surviving units after the fight returned to the base, ready to go to the same will strike a new battle.
- Simple: it does not matter how old you are or what sex you are, in this game with the fighting cope everyone!
- Battle against other players: attack the alien base, selected resources, in a word - dominant. Each enemy army must be destroyed, every battle - to win!
- Storyline: Take part in exciting campaigns, frees the occupied territories and get generous rewards for their achievements.
- Ratings and tournaments: aim for victory and earn the title of the best commander.
- Realistic graphics and epic soundtrack: forget about everything and immerse yourself in the game with his head!

Caution To play in the Iron Desert requires constant internet connection.

If a game has been removed or somehow lost - you can always reinstall and restore a saved game progress.

We use only the device ID to save game progress and what more.


attention! All files are placed with permission of the authors or applications found in the public domain in the internet, if some of the files violates your rights, please let us know
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