Kingdom Chronicles 2

A long time ago in a kingdom of magic sword to protect and defend people, but once the artifact was stolen squad clever goblins and orcs, and the country is now under the threat of war with trolls. Brave hero and loyal troops out to hunt for thieves, hoping to return the priceless thing. Journey led him to the distant shores of the unknown continent in the tropical latitudes, full of mysterious ruins, mechanisms and secrets.
But would not be trapped by throwing himself headlong into the jungle, the character decides as we move to build a supply base, infrastructure and fortifications.
Here it is necessary to study and players Kingdom Chronicles 2 - inherently time building manager, the mechanics of copying a very popular strategy in previous years. Only minor differences storyline and beautiful graphics, this project differs from its predecessor. Mechanics remains the same - we have a hut with workers, who like mad rush on our assignments. Then gather wood and bananas, there to build a sawmill, again pave the road or repair the bridge. And so on every level, with more and more complex tasks. Pleasant in all senses of the gameplay and plot twists and turns can be enjoyed only by purchasing the full version of the game.

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