Roman War

The developers took as a basis of action imperishable story of the Roman Empire (or the Republic) and in the role of commander sent us to the year 58 BC. We have to invade Gaul and enslave its inhabitants, destroying all before their army, composed of fierce warriors.
As with any RTS we must not forget to build and develop the infrastructure, for which he meets one of the tabs in a very ascetic game menu. And of course, hire and train soldiers - the main attribute of any war. Authenticity and looking for certain units will please all lovers of history.
A giant map of the territory in which things are going is waiting for you to visit, small units patrolling the border, with the promotion of inland replaced by these armies of Gaul. Battles will take place on a three-dimensional plot in the style a la Total War, but with an eye to the modest capabilities of mobile platforms.
Roman War will be the outlet for all lovers of serious games.

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