Pirate Legends TD

Times of brave and bloodthirsty pirates, rulers of the seas and the occupants of all port taverns, custodians countless treasures and wagon wooden leg of his captains. Here parrots buy in bulk, and blindfolds and hooks only consumables. In this glorious time and the unfolding events of the game.
One of the lucky filibusters takes boarded a Spanish galleon full of gold statues and incomprehensible. Unsuccessful manipulation of one of them and now totem evil god back to life before defunct team from sharp blades former owners of cargo. Pirates wanted to leave in English, but vengeful necro-conquistadors give chase.
Put a gun shooters with muskets, throws the opponent poisonous fish, sends a curse voodoo magic, hire local Aboriginal people with the manners of cannibals, use your vehicle's main battery and even call for help Kraken, but do not let the enemies to the contents of your holds.

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