North vs South

Events affecting 4 years level from 1861 to 1864 inclusive. A rare event in this topic - you can choose sides and lead the fight or the Yankees or Confederates. Movement on the map takes place in steps, troops occupy the whole staff (within the time) and can only move to a neighboring territory. In the steps involved in the conflict are often randomly wedged Indians and significantly, and most importantly suddenly change the picture of what is happening.
The most important goal - to capture the sources of income and to maintain control over the railway, and then replenish the retired soldiers would simply not on that.
But bouts transiently, messy and totally uninteresting. At the microscopic locations outcome of the battle did not decide the tactics and strategy, and a simple numerical superiority. Posmeshili cannon calculations that releasing the core towards the enemy, dashing change position with the speed of cavalry managing to dodge retaliatory shots.

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