The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault

Things are moving in the 31 millennium, during the civil war engulfed the Empire. Many legions out of control and led by a senior commander revolted against the rulers of the dynasty. Loyal housing and elite guards were ready to repel any attack apostates on the planet, but they decided not to risk it and just had orbital bombardment. Color of the nation and the beautiful world disappeared overnight, but the unit survived. And now in the ruins and unfit for the existence of areas they are prepared to confront the aggressor troops and joy will give their lives for the sake of revenge for their comrades.
Choosing between Loyalist faction or a traitor, and after passing a quick training, you are immediately ready for combat. Set in the ruins of the former citadel, players will gradually rebuild a strong base, sending soldiers to seize the neighboring sectors, to conduct exploration district and other inherent to the genre.

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