King of Thieves

We play for the prisoner, who was previously the king of thieves, but as it happens - envious, bases, parchment with a report to the nearest police guards and that's around the array and stone walls, incommunicado. But after a while, our hero escapes and decides to regain the title of the best.
But first you need to get hold of a secluded den and start-up capital in the form of precious stones, at the same time set a trap and hook locks. After all, other real players a business of the same, and that you can easily come back to visit you in order to make money.
80 levels of varying difficulty will help hone your skills, and raids on the treasury gamers turn into a serious sports. Umyknuv rare and very expensive items, you can make a variety of costumes and items of clothing for your protagonist, have bonus features.

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