Goblin Defenders 2

There was only one kingdom and everything there was well and good, wise ruler takes care of his subjects, and the peasants selflessly working day and night for the benefit of the country. And all would live happily and more if not for the invasion of the undead. The army is broken, the gate almost dolman, aristocrats in a panic, but then come to the aid goblins. Race all despised and oppressed.
In order not to lose face the king is willing to pay any amount for their salvation, but the crafty narodec concludes with a very lucrative contract for them. They purify the land from invaders, and for this case get rich budget, premium and a whole range of possibilities and concessions.
Under the guise of the war of liberation captures important economic regions, rob stolen, expand your territory, albeit human gold on the development of its infrastructure and invent new types of weapons. The time has finally come Greenskins, do not miss this moment!

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