Plunder Pirates

The Pirates! Listen carefully! Our island has suffered during the recent tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, crop failures, attacks aliens (underline). Now the once largest center flibusterstva was pathetic piece of land. But, we would not have those who we are, if we were not those who we are! So, what I mean? A! I, as the only survivor of Captain undertake that will make every effort to restore the former glory and bring us all frightening glory.
We will extract gold from the mines, to drive the cleanest pirate rum, sit all day in the tavern and spend the first to the second! Everything else, our pelvis, uh, galleon will plow the surrounding water, conduct reconnaissance, which is where the bad, to fight with rivals and sea monsters, fierce battles to hold, and of course, take all that sail on board the ship.

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