Tentacle Wars

It should be noted at once beautiful graphics and great design, thanks to which, we see a serious struggle of antibodies to viruses and serious strategic possibilities of the game. Insinuating a woman's voice will comment on our successes and failures, which adds additional entourage happening.
We play for the green, and our enemy is usually red, but one of "invader" sometimes we act against multiple opponents. Who also tend to absorb each other, and use clusters defeated their own purposes. But, you can do tricky, took up defensive positions and waited until they were themselves harassed opposition by hitting the weakened cells and snatch victory from the enemy.
Tentacle Wars provides the player to choose the tactics on the basis of the disposition. It is necessary to quickly assess their strength and sometimes proved to be stronger, but in the environment, it is necessary not to attack head-on, and retreat to a position where you can protect yourself from injury.

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