Stick War: Legacy

Although most austere design and style graphics - it does not affect the possibilities of gameplay and excitement. Before the start of full-fledged players will see the introductory video, which is rare, even for projects for mobile platforms announced as "cool". He will reveal to us some of the nuances and get acquainted with the universe in which the events will unfold.
The task is simple - at every level to protect against destruction of his statue and carry out some missions that do not differ much from each other. At a time when farmers, miners hammering picks outcropping gold veins and straining will drag mined in treasury, gamers should take care of their safety and to put protection. That the appearance of the enemy can both meet its tight formation and prudent to retreat to a safe place, covering the laborers. Having accumulated sufficient number of soldiers and tapnuv on attack button, they are a joy to rush to storm enemy fortifications. And it's very fun!

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