Bugmon Defense

Zhukomony - alien race of its kind resembling overgrown insects. Despite its hideous appearance - this is a very well-developed and powerful structure. And it is very militant, everything else. Having a hurricane across the galaxy, they were able to conquer all opposing habitable planets and now are going to repeat it with the world called Earth. And that they succeed if we do not urgently take command of a detachment of intelligent animals. For a long time, they successfully hid among the people, but now it is the turn to throw off the mask, and openly go to war with those who encroached on their planet.
Between battles we have to build and develop the underground base located in a secret location. Only in this way it will be possible to strike at the enemy landing forces without endangering its infrastructure and civilian experts. DNA Alien Research will create their own mutants that will significantly improve the chances of success in the fight.

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