REDCON - is the answer to the question, "What would happen if the First World has not ended, but was delayed for a hundred years." Global conflict has turned the planet into a living hell, but even a nightmare come to an end. There was a man who identified himself as the emperor and who was able to unite under their control all. Except one. The traitor, a renegade, renegade former general and confidant of the governor decided that the world recovery and prosperity - this is not for him. Again rattle guns, infantry storms strengthen, and airships ply the sky is always overcast. And the main character is the one who will be in the eye of the storm. Suppression mortar settlements, the destruction of the enemy battery, assault forces, grappling and much more will be his everyday life. As well as taking care of his soldiers, infrastructure improvement and modernization of existing weapons. Forget about the one can not be trifles.

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