Deity: Elementals

In fact the Deity: Elementals - is a multiplayer turn-based (a controversial definition of the timer 5 seconds, but regulated in the course of time, eliminates sag in gameplay dynamics with real opponents) strategy for 4 players. Divided by color, they do not possess any unique skills, but only randomly appear in front of the battlefield, which consists of the icons designating a particular action. Plus we can see what the next number will move the icon. Quickly deciding where to stand or simply 'check', we then observe how things are moving at the same time to the target, and then it becomes clear whether the right choice was. Explosions, fire rain, invisibility, shield, strength increase, treatment, freezing and many other bonuses help to survive in the meat grinder. The most interesting thing begins when there are two fighters and duel turns into a cat-and-mouse.

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