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JAILBREAK The GameJAILBREAK The Game - a game based on the movie of the same name. The project, like the original, originally from Cambodia, and it means that we are waiting for spectacular and brutal fight against numerous opponents. The protagonists, of course, are nice and very cool police found themselves in an extremely difficult situation without the possibility of a run.
Bad Roads 2Bad Roads 2 - 2D racing with nice graphics contour of Laurent Bakowski. This developer a series of games where gamers have to control the truck on a very bumpy road, and that strip of land, which is so called simply. Here and there the driver necessary to deliver a valuable cargo, and while it does not lose on the road.
Dan The ManDan The Man - cool classic arcade game from Halfbrick Studios, the creators of such masterpieces as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. A characteristic depiction character will do what has always made heroes of old school games, movies and other things where the villains have lost a sense of fear in the end, namely, to beat and destroy the bosses and their minions.
HERO-X: ZOMBIES!HERO-X: ZOMBIES! - A new shooter on the NAO-MIC in their original, or rather, in a classic retro style of old slot machines. Old-school graphics, characteristic sound, as well as the addictive gameplay will delight all missed childhood. We throw a coin! Adventure and huge bosses are waiting for us!
DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel HorrorDISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror - cool 2D horror came to mobile platforms after a very considerable success on the PC. Pixel art, chic storyline lifting or when the subject is not an aging of the human soul, actions and their consequences. The game will delight all bored on quality and interesting projects, of which so little.
Portal WorldsPortal Worlds - beta version of the multiplayer 2D multiplayer sandbox in which players join the army of ordinary townsfolk went for the exploration and colonization of distant worlds through the system lightning portals. Also, everyone will be able to build a new home on a habitable planet and protect it properly.
You Shall Not JumpYou Shall Not Jump - not the usual arcade game creators that people certainly with a good sense of humor. Simple gameplay mechanics and graphics redeemed funny comments, the original design and high complexity that would be a big plus for anyone who wants to test their skills and skill gamer.
SteamCranksSteamCranks - classic old school 2D arcade game in which we will survive in the labyrinth stuffed with traps and other deadly devices. Retro graphics to match her soundtrack generated levels and simple controls like everyone who bored the good old days.
Go HelicopterGo Helicopter - not a difficult game, which is suitable as a quite good training project for young mobile users, as well as those who are very bored waiting for something. Nice graphics, hundred levels of varying difficulty and convenient operation like both adults and children.
Zombie WarsZombie Wars - a fairly standard 2D shooter with reuse of gameplay mechanics and the setting jaded zombiapokalipsisa consuming. The project will be a good option to make the most exciting and nenapryagayusche spend free time while waiting for something.

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