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Super Granny RunSuper Granny Run - a hilarious 2D arcade game created in the spirit of the old school of several projects, and even in graphic style slot machines 80. Authentic image, characteristic sound and classic gameplay mechanics will delight all who miss the old days when games were simple but hardcore, and always exciting.
Magic Carpet High ExperienceMagic Carpet High Experience - arcade shooter in which we need to help the protagonist to survive the bad trip. Hallucinations are real and meeting with them is over the character of the true death. And it could not be allowed. 8-bit graphics and the soundtrack match for an event will appeal to avid fans of the cult film.
Kung Fury: Street RageKung Fury: Street Rage - shooter with elements of fighting game that tries to accurately replicate similar projects created for the slot machines, or portable consoles of different form factors. Gamers waiting epic story, old school schedule, match for her music, and of course, addictive gameplay.
 Optical Inquisitor Optical Inquisitor - a dramatic and bloody history of betrayal, revenge and anger in the entourage of the 80s. Interiors, objects, machines, music - all this creates the atmosphere of the time, even despite the fact that all the characters - painted black men. Blood, cruelty, violence, race, gambling, and the usual routine of professional killers await fans of brutal projects.

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