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Lunata Rescue The main hero of Lunata Rescue is cute and very brave bug-bug, a hard-working member of society and an exemplary family man. He lives in one of the trees in the city park, where he has a house, runs nearby. And yet he and his family was well until one day the evil queen Donatella and her minions are not stolen his unborn children.
Island Survival Simulator 3DIsland Survival Simulator 3D - an interesting simulation of survival with cartoon graphics. Of course, the project is not without flaws, problems, inaccuracies, and the balance in places suffering. But if the developers continue to work on both its development and above-ground stocks, then soon we will see a decent analogue of the "fixed" version of the genre.
 Northern Tale (Tale of the North)

Northern Tale (Tale of the North) - King of the Vikings help save his daughter from the dark enchanted spell wicked witch Gösta. Witch took advantage of the temporary absence of the king, his kingdom was invaded and destroyed the good fairies.

 BOB's Super Freaky Job

BOB's Super Freaky Job - taken into the unique world of the popular cartoon "Monsters vs. Aliens." World zheleshki blue, Bob, who in turn works for the government under the instruction of the famous military general Mondzhera.

 Glyph Quest

Glyph Quest - fantasy world full of monsters and dangerous adventures. One man stands against all. Become invincible magician or a witch, and use magic against creatures. Learn devastating combos and stabbed by the enemy. Embark on a journey and battle monsters fire, air or land.


ILLUSIA 2 - Developers ZENONIA series are pleased to present the second part of the new casual side-scroller in the genre of Action / RPG, containing all the essential elements of traditional role-playing games, packed in a gorgeous anime-style graphics.

 SiliBili SiliBili - this action / advernchura interspersed with puzzles, which tells the story of two brave friends. In our story, friends save the planet from evil villains of the invaders, and quite possibly more than one. At each level, you will find a lot of riddles, puzzles, and other surprises.
 Plants War

Plants War - Battle for the Mobile Arena in real time. Defend the latest source of life on Earth! Monsters filled the forest Dryads. To protect your home, plants need to get ill Naiad Lakers to become the heroes of the epic battle for their land.

 Muffin Knight Muffin Knight - in this fabulous kingdom you can, make your journey through 15 different cartoon characters. Collect the delicious cupcakes along the way and develop their character in order to adequately meet his enemy.

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