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City Bus Simulator CraftCity Bus Simulator Craft - nice bus simulator with many familiar graphic style. Easy operation makes it easy to maneuver in dense urban areas and thus have time to include turn signals, signals to other drivers, and more. By the way, the bots is very smart and will try to avoid a collision in an emergency.
Realm GrinderRealm Grinder - clicker, which at first glance is very cleverly disguised as a strategy in the medieval-fantasy setting, but very quickly it becomes clear what lies beneath the outer shell. Nevertheless, this interesting project that will please even the most avid pianist.
City Lines for puzzle loversCity Lines for puzzle lovers - a beautiful puzzle game with classic gameplay mechanics that much time has already been used, but still has not lost relevance and fascination. Along with the gradual increase in the level of complexity of the players will be able to properly train your brain and your cheer it interesting tests.
Matchy City - Endless Match 3Matchy City - Endless Match 3 - another excellent puzzle game mechanics "Three in a row." This offer us with no one to fight, nor create any magic and save the galaxy, we'll just build a big and developed city. And you have to try to have to get really brilliant pearl.
Last Run: Dead Zombie ShooterLast Run: Dead Zombie Shooter - action-runner in the scenery next zombiapokalipsisa where apart from the usual sluggish walking as they have greatly mutated cousins. Good graphics, a huge number of levels, an interesting and exciting gameplay, an arsenal of weapons and equipment will delight all fans of this setting.
Aquapolis-Build a megapolis!Aquapolis-Build a megapolis! - Pretty standard urban farm, but with the original story, in which nonetheless a bunch of gaping holes and inconsistencies. Armed with advanced technology and genetic engineering, lift ukroschёnnoy huge metropolis on the bottom of the ocean. Nice graphics and the beginnings of humor will delight all fans of the genre.
TheoTownTheoTown - a real town-planning simulator for mobile devices. Despite the status of the alpha version before us is already a complete project that allows you to create your own town in their patterns and standards. Pixel art does not interfere and does not distract, and even create a certain charm old school games of the past decades.
City 2048City 2048 - as visually simple so incredibly interesting and addictive puzzle game. You can not put it down, gamers will always start again and again to beat your own record and reached the pinnacle of craftsmanship and have passed this game (it's very unlikely, but statistically possible).
 Hoopa City Hoopa City - building simulation for the smallest companies from the developers gave the world Dr. Pandu. Build your own city, and dwelt in it all you familiar characters. Several types of materials and many combinations will create a true masterpiece. Original and "good" game mechanics, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay like all members of the family.

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