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 Restaurant Dr. Panda: Asia Restaurant Dr.Panda: Asia - another great game for kids and adults about the cheerful and kind of Pandu. Beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay, familiar characters, interactive locations, items, and unique aura east like everything from small to large. A complete lack of advertising and Donata only adds a positive experience.
 Hoopa City Hoopa City - building simulation for the smallest companies from the developers gave the world Dr. Pandu. Build your own city, and dwelt in it all you familiar characters. Several types of materials and many combinations will create a true masterpiece. Original and "good" game mechanics, beautiful graphics and addictive gameplay like all members of the family.
 Dr. Panda bus for Christmas Dr.Panda bus for Christmas - a free special edition dedicated to the New Year holidays. Like all other games about our versatile hero, it is designed for children ages 3 to 7 years. But I suspect that many representatives of the "older" age like a bus driver to stay in this magical time of year.

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