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Rail NationRail Nation is very much like full-fledged strategy of previous years, but with the standard modern changes in the form of Donata and other features belonging to a mobile platform. The game is ideal for those who do not can not live a second without taking important decisions and suspended railway fans.
 Rise of Orion Rise of Orion - economic strategy in the scenery of boundless space. In the near future, scientists have discovered an opportunity to fast travel to other planets. But at the same time they are discovered and other intelligent race that quickly colonize worlds available. Earthlings an urgent need to expand their holdings, so as not to be in the minority against a strong opponent.
 Build an Empire (Build an empire)

Build an Empire (Build an empire) - bring their country to world domination. Build your empire and lead it through a century and the era of true greatness! Which way you elect to become the first on the continent? Building armies or schools? War or peace with its neighbors diplomacy? Occupation of land or rapid scientific development?

 Arcane Empires

Arcane Empires set in the world of steam engines and magic, but neither one nor the other is not able to keep from falling apart once mighty empire. Cruel reign of Prince Dessena only deepens the rift between the feudal lords, one of which you will become. The game world is a vast number of islands and almost every city-state is controlled by another player.

 Trade Town

Trade Town - build a town, dreamed as a child. Complete training, quests, and use all the tips that you will be given in the game. The only way you'll be able to realize their fantasies in virtual reality.

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