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Jungle Adventures Many years ago, Mario exit spawned a new genre, which is the original and several official sequels in general and over. Dozens, hundreds and perhaps thousands of clones emerged after did not bring anything new or radically changes the picture of the gameplay. And in the end they all began to divide into good and bad copies of Jungle Adventures -. Confidence can be attributed to the second group.
 Super Jario Super Jario (in Market shamelessly written differently) is one of the most brazen clones legendary adventure. Creating a consonant name, many developers did not endeavor to establish at least a little different from the original adventure. A few cosmetic changes and a shift to the gameplay monster and zombie theme and everything is ready to play.
 Nerds adventure Nerds adventure - classic platformer in the style of Mario. One of the members of the genus botanists during scientific experiment opens a portal to another dimension. Excessive intelligence prevented the young man carefully to decide, as he decided to travel to other worlds alone.

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