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Retro Knights: 2048Retro Knights: 2048. The number in the title game immediately makes clear to what made this puzzle mechanics. That's only here the developers have added some completely original ideas, and ideas. It is possible to obtain a really interesting result, which will please all fans of such projects.
Arcane KnightArcane Knight tries to use a full-fledged game menu, grim graphics, plot development in the Middle Ages, and other features to impersonate currently RPG. That's only when you click "Start" once it becomes clear that we face an ordinary runner, only with horses, knights and endless gameplay.
Civilization of EmpiresCivilization of Empires - one of those strategies setting that you understand that you played it, not once, not twice (ten) times. And when you remove do not even remember what it is. New here really nothing, just all the features of "strategies" for mobile platforms erected in the absolute and swapped tab. That's all.

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