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 System.Stealth ();

System.Stealth (); - it is a fascinating and complex stealth arcade game in which you have to collect all the data and leave the premises. Sounds simple, right? But in fact, even the first level will force you to think. Learn and observe the enemy, predict their moves. The game uses advanced AI, but that you can hardly stop ;-)

 Aero Balls

Aero Balls - classic board games where you have to hold out as long as possible. To do this, you will need to withdraw your finger on the balls, beating on the edge of the playing field and against each other. It begins with a ball on the field, and then on the rise. A great time-killer that will brighten up your leisure.

 Qube Kingdom
World molecule and even where the atoms in the form of cubes, natural objects, water and air, even of the same shape. And people keep up the traditions of the universe.
You are missing 600 years and returned discover its once flourishing kingdom in decline, and its own capital in the siege of the enemy troops. We need urgently to repel the invaders and at the same time release the neighbors.

Smash - simple and addictive arcade originating from distant times 8-bit game consoles. Where you need to hit the ball through the moving platform. Moreover, the need to do so that multi-colored blocks are destroyed.


Squarescape - in this game we have to spend a small square through the maze. The difficulty is that we can only move horizontally or vertically, the square is stopped only when a collision with an object. Classic gameplay, a large number of challenging levels, pixel graphics and full free!

 Pixel Twist

Pixel Twist - a three-dimensional playing field there is a cloud of pixels that only a single point develops in the desired image, and the player, rotating field, just need to find this point.

 PAC-CHOMP! namco

PAC-CHOMP!Namco - game type "three in a row" with the addition of a voracious pack-Maine. Move it to where the ghosts of the same color are arranged in a row and he quickly relieve you of their presence. When it starts to slurp from the field immediately disappear many ghosts, so that more force Bun eat.

 Neon Rain

Neon Rain - in the game, with a special platform, you should skip or not to skip the neon rain. Fallen drop destroys all the drops of the same color in the immediate vicinity. To move to the next level you must destroy all the neon drops. Control is a touch screen.

 Nimble Quest

How long have you played the "snake"? Did you miss maybe? Game Nimble Quest - a "snake" in a new format.

 Dark Way Down

Dark Way Down - in every realm of darkness should by tradition certainly find a ray of light. Help the hero escape from the darkness in this difficult black and white puzzle. Addictive gameplay and an unconventional approach can keep you busy for a long time.

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