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Paladog - a new civilization is trying to defeat the forces of evil. And your goal is to help her to realize our plans. The protagonist Paladog, but their personal abilities, additional units can be used - in the form of magical mice and kangaroo!

 An Indie Game An Indie Game - a unique platform game about the adventures of Indiana Jones! This game will help you compete against other players from the network. To defeat them you have to jump, crawl, slip and do everything to kill the enemy.
 Marble Droid Marble Droid - the task of this game is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It would seem that it is necessary to roll the ball to the end of the level? But, remember to do it and go through all the obstacles are not so simple - here you useful experience and skill!
 Ninja Chicken

Ninja Chicken - the main task of the hero of this game is to run without stopping. But at the same time he needs to collect acorns along the way and even sit on the eggs! In the title role playing chicken, which is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

 Chalk Runner Chalk Runner - the main protagonist of the arcade - a simple melochek who just need to run. Also, he must overcome various obstacles in the form of high giraffes, fruit trees, cars that are constantly moving, as well as aircraft and much more.
 Gravity Guy Gravity Guy - You will be able to escape from his pursuers, but if you can change the gravity. This created a multiplayer for four people. It has two modes of Story and Practice. In this game you need to apply not only skill, but also the mind.
 Flickitty Flickitty - the protagonist of the game - cat business, which operates at a large company. There a huge number of technical violations. But in any case, you need to help him give his boss the job done.

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