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Siege RaidSiege Raid - a strategy designed primarily for PvP battles with other players. The game is very similar to the popular Clash Royale, but only with some changes in the mechanics and the overall concept. But fans of the genre it is strongly recommended to pay attention to this project, if they want to diversify their leisure time duels with rivals.
 Fortress Fury To invent, invent, build in the mind and in reality, place the firing points, protects them, shoot, breaks, destroys - here are some basic lessons Fortress Fury. Pretty ordinary and not very interesting strategy designed for PvP fights. Nice graphics with no frills and a huge field for self-development, as a strategist, like everyone will like.
 Monster Kingdom 2 Monster Kingdom 2 - sequel, which is an improved and advanced version of the previous section. As before, you will be trained monsters and send them into battle. Long story line and the opportunity to participate in PvP battles hot like all fans of this style RPG. A beautiful graphics - just a nice addition to the rest.
Evolution: Battle for Utopia

Evolution: Battle for Utopia (Evolution: Battle of Utopia) - a strategy with elements of RPG and action at the same time. You are the founder of the expedition to colonize a new planet, which was one of the most dangerous in the galaxy. You have to build and develop the base, improve the units, while annoying to repel the attacks of monsters, ranging from conventional bugs to huge humanoid monsters that inhabit this planet.

Iron Desert

Iron Desert - a cross-platform strategy of the company Get ready to become a master of hot deserts, commander! Your army is spoiling for a fight, the war begins, the battle is calling! Striving to win, always remember your main tasks: defense base, the best military equipment, the most sophisticated army. And of course, the tactics and strategy!

 Empires of Sand Lived not bemoaned Egyptians Empires of Sand until their head fell off the dark god Seth from his innumerable army. And now they will quickly move on to the rails of military life. To repel the attacks of evil and destroy the enemy base, not forgetting to develop his hometown. Without competent infrastructure war will not last long and then reign eternal night.
 Mushroom Wars: Space (Mushroom War: Space) Mushroom Wars: Space (Mushroom War: Space) - a long-awaited continuation of a great game with fun gameplay, an interesting plot, accessibility and the ability to play over and over again. In this epic adventure you will rise again at the head of the mushroom and lead the people to a meeting of his adventures on other planets! Get ready, because it is dizzyingly cool!

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