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Bike BlastBike Blast - nice toy in the genre of "Rahner", which however does not bring absolutely nothing new in its segment and is only fleeting entertainment for even the most loyal fans of these projects. Beautiful graphics, easy management, interesting scenery and a couple more nice features gamers will be able to look and feel bored.
Sisyphus JobSisyphus Job - 2D adventure runner created surroundings and scenery of ancient Greek myths. Nice graphics and overestimated complexity allows you to simply relax and enjoy the process. The only drawback at first gives the management, but understand that to what and be accustomed, you will easily overcome any obstacles.
 Looney Tunes Dash! Looney Tunes Dash! - This is a meeting of old friends of the famous animated series. Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Road Runner and other recognizable characters await you in this exciting runner. Become one of these characters, and running away from his pursuers eternal losers. Use your care, cunning and wit, without incident to get to your destination.

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