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Fishing AdventureFishing Adventure - simple casual design that nevertheless may be of interest to all who want to spend time in peace and quiet. Unhurried gameplay and the overall diversity of what is happening in the game does not get tired of the long hours. Join the old fisherman and go on a daily fishing.
Raising human catastrophes - I love fishRaising human catastrophes - I love fish - something like this can translate the name of the game with purely Korean odlskulnoy graphics and slightly crazy gameplay and storyline. Do not be surprised if the project characters, since it is only for gamers southern part of the peninsula, but anyone can easily understand the mechanics.
Deadliest Catch: Seas of FuryDeadliest Catch: Seas of Fury - unusual for Tapinator action in which we will try their hand at the role of the captain of the usual crabbers. Simple 2D graphics, simple, but quite addictive gameplay and other features allow the fun to spend free time for the original process.
Frantic frigatesFrantic frigates - addictive arcade survival in about a pirate theme. Classic gameplay "One against all", a simple graphics and exhausting, gradually increasing complexity will appeal to all "old men" caught like game. Raise the "Jolly Roger", go in an unequal battle and make enemies regret that they were born into the world.
Sea Hero QuestSea Hero Quest - elegant, beautiful, very interesting and a little sad adventure project. The game is designed to draw attention to a more detailed and hard study of Alzheimer's disease, in order to finally cure has been found from this very insidious and malicious disease. We set off from memory the waves.
King Of The SeaKing Of The Sea - adventure project with pixel graphics and about pirates, sea battles, a bottle with a note gull (# $% ^^ poultry !!!) and other attributes of the genre. Stunning layout. That's only here it's all going to happen somewhere nearby, but certainly not with the players. The only intrigue here is - will fall or not.
SurfingersSurfingers - elegant arcade in the response and survival in which we manage the surfers or people (or not very, or not at all people) believe that they can stand on the board and they are good at it to catch the wave. Nice graphics, easy management, slaughtering soundtrack and addictive gameplay are waiting for all fans of the sport.
The Pirate: Caribbean HuntThe Pirate: Caribbean Hunt offers us to become a true captain of the warship heyday of piracy in the Caribbean. Superb graphics and detail make it possible to walk on the deck and notice minute details or to inspect the district with bird's-eye view. Convenient control and rate selection help "feel" the ship.
Mochu AdventuresMochu Adventures - an amazing educational game for the youngest gamers. Which not only bring a lot of pleasure from the process, but be sown in young minds a lot of useful information. Superb graphics, stunning painted locations, cute main hero and dozens of other nice features make this project something really worthwhile.

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