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4 Elements - in one fabulous country that supported life magic and magic, suddenly disappeared four elements - Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Your task is to save the country and bring disaster to its rightful place. To do this, open and restore the 4 books of magic.

 Zombie Puzzle Invasion

Zombie Puzzle Invasion - a puzzle game in which the added characters, which you have to defend the world from zombies. Genre of game three in a row with RPG elements with simple graphics and controls, where you have to upgrade your weapons, get special functions and improve their skills moving from level to level. Reach tactics, strategy, skill and attention to defeat the enemy.

 Zombie Puzzle Panic

Zombie Puzzle Panic - a new look at zombie games. Ubiquitous zombies got already and puzzles! Meet the game that adds a new milestone in the legendary battle between the survivors and the people walking dead. The game has all the ingredients of classic blockbuster about the walking dead. The list of problems include: rescue survivors, defense scientists from the zombie hordes and simple destruction of the undead.

 Diamond Twister 2

Diamond Twister 2 - the rules of the game classic and familiar to all the games from the category of three-in-a row. You need to place three of the crystal in a row and then they will be destroyed. Colorful diamonds are waiting on you sharp mind and unconventional thinking.

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