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Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering

Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering (Juggernaut: Revenge Soveringa) - is a fascinating role-playing game, with colorful and vivid battles. Aim at the enemy the power of deadly spells, attack overwhelms its combo attacks, use of tricks, use magical elixirs.

 Cards and Castles

Cards and Castles - this is an unusual mix of genre, consisting of the best elements of the strategy and card games. Start by creating a deck of cards to meet the enemy face to face on the battlefield and destroy his castle. Mix and match cards from different factions and develop new strategies.

 Pacific Fleet Pacific Fleet - excellent strategy game and a naval battle in the full three-dimensional graph, with fascinating details of attacks and combat with a unique combination of deep strategic planning in conjunction with fast tactical decisions. The game provides an opportunity to participate in the Second World War, and to appreciate the severity of this great historical event.
 1941 Frozen Front

The strategy in the best of its manifestation. Witness shocking battles of the Second World War in an outstanding hit strategy by HandyGames. With the help of a competent strategy send your troops to victory. A team of German troops in their attack on the east or defend their homeland on the side of the Soviet troops. Prove your art military leader on the frozen front!

 Slay v.1.0.9

Slay - legendary classic turn-based strategy, which was released in the 90s, with the best game balance. The task of the game is very simple, to capture all of the cells of the island.

 GLWG: All Out War v.1.3

GLWG: All Out War - this is the second episode, exciting, and fun turn-based strategy, executed in superb 3D. The first part was a hit, and the sequel is not inferior to her. New levels are more complex, more intelligent enemies, so you have to smash his head on compiling proper battle tactics.

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