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Axe in Face 2 Once the main Axe in Face 2 hero of the game was the real leader of the Viking and part-renowned warrior traded with a huge and very sharp ax like a fluff. Raids in all corners of the world, well, which can be reached using the correct Drakkar, countless battles, rich booty and many other adventures were in his career.
Day of the VikingDay of the Viking - hilarious toy in which the classic story turned upside down and a children's fairy tale turned into real action. Beautiful graphics, original and fun gameplay, a good share of humor and various opportunities will delight all eager to play a quality project that does not get tired of just 5 minutes.
Shadow VikingShadow Viking - a visually beautiful with lots of levels platformer about the times when magic and monsters still exist. Serious disadvantages - so it's thirst for developers Donata and extremely inconvenient administration. Without the first, you will not get full possibilities of the hero, and thanks to the second passage of the elementary sections may be flour.
The Last VikingsThe Last Vikings - excellent role project with pixel graphics. The game can even be called a simulator Viking. The original concept, varied gameplay, a whole world to "travel" and "tourism", thought the universe with small elements of fantasy and the real spirit of the legendary warriors impress any fan of high-quality applications.

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