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Slash MobsSlash Mobs - another clicker offering players who decided to once again experience the incredible feeling as stiff fingers and eye fatigue, go on a dangerous journey in order to save the fantasy world of huge mutants. Neither demons nor vile villains, or even ancient undead now do not care about public opinion, but the giant monster - a real threat.
Timing HeroTiming Hero - the classic bagel-RPG with pixel graphics and simple gameplay mechanics designed for speed of reaction of the player. The project does not bring anything new and will be able to interest you, perhaps, only the most loyal fans of the genre. Only the simultaneous development of several characters makes more diverse.
 Cut the Cube Cut the Cube - a simple but addictive arcade survival. Light background cubes of bright colors and turn the battlefield into a fun and beautiful picture abstractionist. Easy management of gameplay based on attentiveness and responsiveness will delight players of all lovers of hardcore projects. Easy in the beginning of the passage, soon turned into a real test.
 Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure Help Me Jack: Atomic Adventure - a new adventure RPG about the little people surrounded by gigantic problems. This universe is like a normal world, but with a high degree of techno-fantasy. Beautiful 3D graphics allow fully enjoy the process and thought-out and extensive role-playing component will delight all fans of this genre.

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