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NihilumbraNihilumbra - stunning in its essence and execution adventure platformer. Beautiful graphics, original gameplay mechanic, fascinating protagonist and excellent voice will take you to the wonderful dark world where good struggles with conquering evil, but the appearance of your character will change the balance of power.
Freeze! - New puzzle gameplay is based on physics and comes in a very dark and frightening world. The graphics in dark gray, depressing the background and a very sad story of the protagonist will make you fight for his freedom struggles. And many levels with increasing difficulty constantly test your speed and ingenuity.
 The Croods v.1.0.3 The Croods - a family of Neanderthals, the world's first family "of the modern type." This family is taken out of the Stone Age with one invention - ideas. And we are actually going to help them with their hard adventures. Offer us along with them to begin to farm, hunt, tame different animals. Our task - to help them survive in the harsh "modern" world.

The figures - clean the field from a string of digits from 1 to 19. You can only delete the numbers in a straight line and only the same or such that their sum is the result - 10. You can destroy them both horizontally and vertically.

 UltiMaze UltiMaze - an exciting 3D maze in which you control the ball with the G-sensor on paths in different planes, constantly twisting and turning your smartphone. The game is very complicated, which adds interest to it.

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