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Airport Guy Time ManagementAirport Guy Time Management - a pleasant and slightly zapoloshny menendzher time in which we will play the role of air traffic controllers. Similar projects in a similar setting of more than enough, but here the developers did their best and presented in our trial, something really interesting and exciting.
Tiny RailsTiny Rails - a cool arcade game with simple but nice graphics and how easy, so fun gameplay. Gamers will get possession of his own train and no, they will not build a railroad empire, and just go on it to travel around the world, carrying passengers and cargo, as well as enjoy the scenery.
Cubie AdventureCubie Adventure - this is a great adventure cute creatures angular prefer clean lines and a lot of faces. Yes, and they live on floating islands built from cubes. The project has beautiful graphics, lots of levels, and gradually increasingly complex gameplay that will require us good speed and quickness of action.
Snipers vs ThievesSnipers vs Thieves - it is only a beta version of the original action in which players will be divided into two teams. Thieves and sniper. One should be able to walk away after a successful bank robbery to the police arrival, and entrenched in a comfortable position with the rifle must prevent it shot down a target or delaying long enough.
The Battle of PolytopiaThe Battle of Polytopia - simply smart strategy with a beautiful minimalist graphics and a wide range of possibilities and variations action. Perhaps it can be called an ideal option for mobile gadgets. After all, there is everything you need for an exciting pastime without any gameplay kinks.
Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow EarthHopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth - a continuation of the class and the popular indie project with beautiful graphics, fun gameplay and a fairly high complexity. In the third part, we will continue to travel through the dark and gloomy places, inhabited by dozens or even hundreds of different monsters. Accurate and fast shooting - the key to mission success.
High RisersHigh Risers - a new addictive and time devouring arcade game from the creators of such visually simple but incredibly spanning games like Bean Dreams, Time Surfer, Duet and others. As before, we are waiting for control in one tap, designed for attentiveness and speed of decision-making gameplay and a pretty picture.
iRIUMiRIUM - music game hides in itself is not quite standard gameplay mechanics for the genre. Before us is a wild mix combines the same shooter, RPG, trading card nastolki and all this seasoned corporate identity graphics inherent only to developers from Asian countries.
Skate PaperboySkate Paperboy - a remake of the cult-classic arcade rethinking has become a favorite pastime of several generations of gamers. Periodically since that time there are clones of various quality and originality. Here and this time we attempt to replicate the incredible success of the adventure newsboy.
Hill Climb Racing 2Hill Climb Racing 2 - continuation of the extremely popular racing game from Fingersoft. In the second part we are waiting for the perfect redesigned graphics, new features, a variety of models of technology and the first control mechanics. The gas pedal is responsible for the acceleration and inclination to the right, brake - respectively the opposite action.

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