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Air Battle western front Slowly but surely, the First World War captures the minds of game developers displacing from their position great and terrible. In contrast to the second conflict, the events of 1914-1918 are very few highlights geymdeyvom. And Air Battle western front is designed to fix a gap in the knowledge of the current generation of gamers, namely the scope of combat aircraft at the time.
 Air Patriots

Air Patriots - our fortified area is constantly exposed to danger on all sides. Residents fed up it and they ask for help. Constructs a powerful protective setting blocks, guns, ribbons and command the squadron. You should not expect another air raid - send fighter jets to meet their enemies.

 Air Patriots

Air Patriots - our fortified area constantly in danger from all sides. Residents tired of enduring it and they ask for help. Constructs a powerful security setting blocks, guns, tapes and also commands a squadron. You should not expect another air raid - send its fighter jets to meet the enemy.

 Paper War for 2 players

Paper War for two players - an interesting arcade game for one or two players. The game has very beautiful graphics. In single player you have to beat off an attack by enemy aircraft, shooting down airplanes and balloons from the gun. Gun and you can improve. In game two, you can arrange an artillery duel with one another, firing ships and planes to each other or crush fingers flying enemy aircraft.

 Atomic Bomber Atomic Bomber - You have the aircraft on board a huge stock of bombs. Throughout the levels of target player to destroy ground targets dropping them hail of bombs, and will be available to improve the weapons and the use of the atomic bomb ...
 Infinite Sky Infinite Sky - 5-star 3D scrolling shooter. You were called to the front to protect the sky from the endless enemy attacks. Choose one of the four planes and Encounter face to face with all the dangers of exciting air battles in 3D, and more and more difficult battles with the bosses.
 Sky Siege

Sky Siege - the player controls the high-speed combat air vehicle that can turn 360 degrees. However, he is well armed and for his driving is terrible no enemy!

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