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AlchademyAlchademy - addictive casual games in which we move from comfortable homes and apartments in our time distant, gloomy cave located somewhere in the dense forests of the Middle Ages. At a time when magic was still not empty words, alchemy not compete with science, and wandered among the people being now live only in books.
AlchemixAlchemix - unusual and addictive puzzle game that will make all of your senses and the ability to escalate to the limit. Beautiful graphics, original idea and the presence of a clear plot (which is nevertheless no matter what no effect, but nice) will delight all missed the qualitative and complex projects. Prove to everyone that you are a great alchemist.
 Bootleggers Bootleggers Bootleggers or domestic - fascinating simulator you know who. Simple gameplay with complex and high-tech process is only a small part of this exciting adventure in the rural scenery. Authentic graphics :), hardcore and various opportunities to help feel like a real alkomagnatom.
 Doodle Farm

Doodle Farm - another alchemy, only prettier and more interesting already, create the farm of the many animals in which there is an opportunity to plunge into the world of animals and experimenting to create new ones. It is possible to cross different species of animals and a unique creature. I wonder what happens when you cross a duck and herring?

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