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Angry Birds BlastAngry Birds Blast - a new game Rovio. The studio continues to use its most popular franchise in all possible directions and genre variations. Which in fact long been used by hundreds and hundreds of times in other projects. Fans of adventure Angry Birds, of course, will be delighted, and nice graphics, but there is nothing original.
Angry Birds Goal!Angry Birds Goal -! New project from Rovio in his famous feathered-pyatochkovoy universe. This time again we dive into the world of sports and the confrontation between the two rival nations. And the place of fierce battles, the battle will be well manicured lawn in the football stadium. And on who will get the winner of the cup will depend on the future of all.
Angry Birds Action!Angry Birds Action -! Arcade events which take place in a familiar universe, but with unusual gameplay mechanics. Before us is a mixture of billiards with pinball, which, coupled with excellent graphics, an interesting storyline and lots of levels presents a well-known franchise with a completely different side. The new adventure begins!
Angry Birds 2 After the resounding success of Angry Birds and release a huge pile of various add-ons, add-ons, vnezhanrovyh games in the universe, and even greater number of clones and copies of dubious quality, Rovio has provided gamers on the court full continuation of the cult kazualki confrontation about birds and pigs. Repeat the "feat" predecessor Angry Birds 2 show time.
 Angry Birds Stella POP! Angry Birds are back! Meet The New Adventures of Stella and her friends in Angry Birds Stella POP! The war continues with pigs and now goes to another level. Using the same slingshot to shoot not feathered and multi-colored bubbles. You are waiting for old friends, a variety of tasks, beautiful graphics, and much more in this exciting game.
 Gluddle versus The Supervision

Gluddle versus The Supervision - good puzzle with a sound physics and bright cartoon graphics. Your task is to think very carefully and get the ball to the goal. The game is very positive and pleasing to the eye. Creative Heroes created a great game.

 Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds GO! - New game in the series of Angry Birds, made ​​in the genre of racing. Yes, now a bird together with the pigs in peresyadut machine and will try to overtake each other.

 Stay Alight ®

Stay Alight ® - excellent puzzle arcade game ... Mr. lamp is in need of your help, especially in aiming accuracy of charges from which the evil mud monsters dying instantly. Good luck in the difficult battle!

 Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 - Rovio released a continuation of the famous game Andry Birds Star Wars. Location - the legendary Star Wars universe! In this part of the game you have to choose your side and play as a light or dark.

 Chicken Raid FREE

Chicken Raid FREE - in this game we have to destroy all the evil chickens (not to be confused with the birds) for the minimum number of moves. This is a puzzle game in which we will destroy fragile objects (boards, pieces of glass) to launch a chain of destruction and destroy our enemies.

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