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Forest HomeForest Home - puzzle with the classical mechanics of the gameplay, but with a few simple and at the same time interesting findings, as well as the nice graphics, and many cute characters. A huge number of levels for a long time entice lovers of simple problems were of all ages and genre preferences.
Little Pets Animal GuardiansLittle Pets Animal Guardians - a very nice casual project its gameplay mechanics strongly reminiscent of the classic clicker only extremely unhurried process. Nice soundtrack, which is very quickly get bored, adds creativity to the game and immediately shows that there is no hurry, but, in general, and why not.
Happy OinkHappy Oink - lovely "simulator tapa" with elements of music games with nice graphics and good gameplay. The project offers a purely meditative and creative process in which we will improve the mood of a large pink pig remaining all alone on the farm.
Save counting sheepSave counting sheep - an addictive puzzle game with a progressively increasing level of difficulty, nice 2D graphics and a very nice wards. They then have to protect and save all the available ways and means. On their way they met a variety of threats, challenges in which they will die without our help.
Piggy ShowPiggy Show - arcade game with nice graphics and endless gameplay in which we act in the circus as a couple of tricksters, namely pig and dachshund. The first will be to ride in the second and in obedience to our instructions to jump and perform various acrobatic jumps and using the established fire rings.
Raccoon Pizza RushRaccoon Pizza Rush - entertaining arcade racing on foot to New York as a raccoon peddler one of the most delicious pizza in this great city. Beautiful graphics, control one-touch, interesting tasks, dangerous moments and exciting gameplay will delight all fans of unpretentious fun.
Hasty Hamster - A Water PuzzleHasty Hamster - A Water Puzzle - adventures sharper hamster, who works as an assistant and gofer to the famous scientist (in the scientific community all as one, believe he was crazy, but it's not as not begs the genius of his mind and his services). At this time the Professor was able to find out the coordinates of the ancient pyramid, where and sent protagonist.
Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo SafariRodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari - smart casual toy that easily absorb all your free time and a long time delay on mobile devices. Pretty "paper" graphic cartoon will give what is happening, and prolonged (virtually infinite) gameplay will not be afraid of the transience of pleasure.
Bugmon DefenseBugmon Defense - beautiful and most importantly interesting strategy in the style of "The protection of towers" reminiscent of the gameplay mechanics while Plants vs Zombies and modern X-COM-s. And the presence of PvP mode allows you to continue to play and after the passage of the storyline. Nice graphics, a large number of missions and extensive opportunities like all fans of the genre.
Moy Zoo 2Moy Zoo 2 - casual games for the little ones. Nevertheless, it will be interesting for gamers and adults who want to simply relax with a good gameplay and cute toy that does not require any extra movements. Minimalistic design and good graphics without overly bright colors do not cause irritation and allow for an evening pass it completely.

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