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 Plane Wars

Plane Wars - is a strategy game tower, but it is not a game of Tower Defense. Plane Wars - like any smartest player. It is a strategy, action and hardcore. Success aviation battle depends not only on the characteristics of your aircraft, but also on you, on your agility, flexibility of your mind.

 Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood

Disney's Ghosts of Mistwood (Disney ghosts Mistvuda) - Your aunt Virginia kidnapped and you need to go look for her in a ghost town. Solve puzzles, interact with the good ghosts, create potions and save the inhabitants of a magical trap.

 Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale - for those who like gambling. Now you do not have to go to a casino that would play roulette, she is to you to come to the phone. Get the chips and place your bets, win cars, villas, yachts, earn millions and become the most successful millionaire among friends and other users of the game.

 Find The Ball

Find the Ball - is a classic game of "thimble", which will test how much you care. You will need all your attention to follow below which a cup is hiding the ball, otherwise - game over. Unlike similar games, in reality, here you can be sure that you will not cheat and do not "throw".

 Punks (super Tamagotchi)

Punks (super Tamagotchi) - easy entertaining game of "punks" plunges into the world of street and atmosphere of childhood. Make friends, shoulder to shoulder to defend his yard. Collects fashionable clothes. Hundreds of models of popular clothing and weapons. Pull on the full-bring up a bully!


Bottle - online game for flirting, dating and socializing, find your love! More than half a million lonely hearts every twist the bottle in search of its second half. Kiss your, Dari gifts and hearts, take care of you like a girl or a guy.

 Real Guitar Free Real Guitar Free - A real guitar - one of the best guitar simulator with a nice, user-friendly interface and amazing sound quality (all the notes were recorded with a live acoustic guitar). With this application you can easily take the most complex chords to play any popular song with a guitar, learn gitaryne reefs or write your own.
 Gun Disassembly 2

Gun Disassembly 2 - will be a boon for all fans of firearms, which is available in 10 types of weapons free. It should be noted that this is really an exciting and fun game, because nowhere else you will not be able to dismantle the popular types of firearms and see all of its components.

 Prize Claw Prize Claw - a slot machine. This ride is familiar to everyone. You would not just throwing a coin to get a treasured toy. Now this game is available in your phone. Manage the mechanical hand and get a prize. Only this is not so simple. The game is filled with all sorts of unique items, beautiful effects and complex missions. Received prizes you can sell and earn coins. All the collected coins can be spent to upgrade the mechanical hands and other actions ...
 Dragon, Fly!

Dragon, Fly!Full - a nice touch arcade. You will play a little dragon who is just beginning to explore the world, you will pass an interesting adventure over the hills and mountains.

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