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Alien PathAlien Path - an interesting and addictive puzzle game with dynamic gameplay, nice graphics and fiercely ruthless or given. That there is only the power consumption to run level. In stock only four units, then wait for a certain time, or do you know what to do. Unfortunately, this approach is ruining the entire game on the vine.
Tower Defense: Magic QuestTower Defense: Magic Quest - a common strategy with the standard tower, with a plot that can not be called so, and the mechanics of gameplay taken from a couple of hundred of these projects. They recently starting to repeat itself, and it is difficult to distinguish them even by name. In tune with the same words and the construction of memory confusing and misleading.
Puzzle SiegePuzzle Siege - unpretentious puzzle game in the style of "three in a row" about the misadventures of a fantasy village was right in the middle of hell. Get resources, develop the settlement, collect and train an army of heroes, and then go to destroy the fortress monsters. Unpretentious and fascination - it is the main positive features of this game.
Villains Corp.Villains Corp. - a strategy which is in dividing the tapa is a simulator, but at least with some distinct and sometimes funny story. Nice graphics, funny monsters, a variety of missions and tasks will please all fans of the genre and those who one sunny morning dreams take over the world. Stop being lazy time to start implementation of an insidious plan.
 Command & Control Command Control - a new strategy in the style of "Protection of the towers." At this time, you take on the role of the commander of NATO forces during the war in Afghanistan. Beautiful graphics, the authenticity of what is happening, stunning audio series brings originality and freshness in this genre, occupied by goblins and orcs.
 Roman War On mobile platforms rarely go so ambitious projects like the Roman War, they immediately become objects of attention and fans of these complex strategies. And often beautiful, colorful graphics are not as important as the very essence of the possibility of playing a serious and thoughtful product.

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