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Bushido Bear One day, a young and inexperienced bear the following Code of Bushido was walking through the woods and got lost. In his wanderings he came across an unusual clearing, which, as it turned out, is a sacred place of concentration of forces. Understandably, an endless source of energy want to lay hands various shady characters. But the hero arrived just in time.
Paddle Panda The protagonist of the game Paddle Panda really has got everything. He was fed up with work, colleagues, boss, every day to get there and back, the environment, the weather, in general, all people, and the planet, too tired. Even vacation nothing could change - heat, annoying neighbors, insects, natives also cause terrible depression and melancholy.
Ninja Panda Run-Ninja ExamNinja Panda Run-Ninja Exam - pretty mediocre runner about the East and one black-and-white fluffy bear holding ninja skills. Beautiful graphics standard (and without it not a single project has no chance of attracting the attention) and classical mechanics of gameplay, which is absolutely no surprise and certainly not will make an impression.

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