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Bike BlastBike Blast - nice toy in the genre of "Rahner", which however does not bring absolutely nothing new in its segment and is only fleeting entertainment for even the most loyal fans of these projects. Beautiful graphics, easy management, interesting scenery and a couple more nice features gamers will be able to look and feel bored.
 Newspaper Boy Saga Newspaper Boy Saga - a remake of the ancient, as all geymdev, toys about the newsboy. Here are just remembered, there had to be precise and accurate to do it, but here is exactly the opposite. Endless gameplay was changed to a huge number of levels, naturally became the graphics meet modern requirements, add a task and improve the bike.
 Bike Mayhem Velofrirayd - Extreme sport involving cycling on complex lines abound hills, slopes and other obstacles. Such a style of riding requires special training and equipment is quite expensive. But the creators of the game Bike Mayhem gave us the opportunity to take part in such a dangerous races with your handheld device.

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