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City FlowCity Flow - a simple but addictive puzzle game reminiscent of the classic plumber and all the other thousands of games in the same genre, but with an isometric camera and the other in the direction of the setting. Players will be on time to build or restore cityscapes of mixed elements.
Realm GrinderRealm Grinder - clicker, which at first glance is very cleverly disguised as a strategy in the medieval-fantasy setting, but very quickly it becomes clear what lies beneath the outer shell. Nevertheless, this interesting project that will please even the most avid pianist.
Tap TownTap Town - a fascinating story about a small, run-down village standing is not known where and why. Residents were extremely humble, quiet and inconspicuous life is not far not opened a portal to another dimension. And of course there climbed monsters and other supernatural creatures eager to regale chelovechenkoy. Fortunately in the settlement found a misguided hero.
Final Fortress - Idle SurvivalFinal Fortress - Idle Survival - another arcade survival simulator, which is essentially the usual clicker in the setting of the same zombiapokalipsisa. "Original" game will suffice for a maximum of a few tens of minutes, and then the players will rest in painful expectation accumulation of resources in order to pick them up and start the cycle all over again.
Tiny TowerTiny Tower - simulation game combines both economic direction and construction. And also here we will be able to try yourself as a concierge huge skyscraper with a huge number of people. Pixel art creates a familiar style for such projects, which allows not to load the screen with unnecessary details.
Happy Chicken TownHappy Chicken Town - classic Asian farm gameplay which involves close cooperation and mutual assistance between the players. Indeed, without a group of like-minded faithful develop into a strong and independent company will be very, very difficult. Beautiful graphics, dozens of various buildings and even greater number of jobs permanently tightened any fan of the genre.
OrcWarOrcWar - real time strategy game, where the role of your wards will act and wild green-skinned orcs. You will find a classical system of resource extraction, construction and employment. A bloody battle with the beautiful graphics will delight all fans of battles. Lead your clan and bring it to prevail over the other tribes.
Dream House DaysDream House Days - a unique project created in several genres - building strategies and simulation of life. And fans of pixel games, he certainly would have liked. Easy and intuitive, enormous opportunities and a variety of activities make this app a such a clone of the famous series, but with strictly scribed tasks.
 Kings Land Kings Land - a game in the popular genre of MMO-strategies. Take command of the remnants of your subjects and build a new kingdom. Compete with competitors or form alliances and unions, but remember that the ancestral owners of the continent will be against all of you. Beautiful graphics, user-friendly and simple interface and lots of ways to please all of the fans.

Did you ever become a creature with divine powers, so that you worship and pray? Meet Godus - god simulator and beautiful pro-life strategy and development. Make friends with a small tribe of people and begin to guide their actions and act on your own. Fight for their faithful with other religions, is gaining strength, expand impact on other areas, in general, to be a god is not easy.

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