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Deckstorm: Duel of GuardiansDeckstorm: Duel of Guardians - classic collectible card game from DeNA Corp. In the description just says that the developers at its creation inspired by well-known representatives of the genre. The design and mechanics immediately traced heritage Magic: The Gathering and Earthcore: Shattered Elements. What, in principle, can only please all fans of the genre.
Card Wars KingdomCard Wars Kingdom - a cross between a continuation of the popular collectible card game for at least the famous multserialu, remake, re-release and certain travesty that all together makes an already fun gameplay in a truly exciting adventure. True to the game currently does not work correctly with other languages, which makes grasp the meaning of the English text.
Magic: Puzzle QuestMagic: Puzzle Quest - a new project created under license in the universe of the famous collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. Which is experiencing a significant rise of interest of gamers from around the world. As before, we are waiting for Planeswalker-s adventures in various worlds and fierce battle against the various monsters and each other.
Pathfinder AdventuresPathfinder Adventures - collectible card game, ported to android with the original desktop version. This fact can not fail to please both fans of this universe, and all those who simply prefer this genre. Mobile design allows not losing precious time to find their opponents all over the world and join with them in fights.
BattleHandBattleHand - straight from the tin fantasy RPG from Kongregate. The gameplay is designed as a collectible card game with turn-based battles. Beautiful graphics and a tiny fraction of humor redeem minor flaws and blemishes. That's just hope to play a little longer will break a ruthless Donat, because of what will have to take a break and wait to recover the key.
Penny Dreadful - DemimondePenny Dreadful - Demimonde - official project for mobile platforms based on the popular TV series of the same name. Naturally the choice of genre fell on the trading card board game mixed with puzzle game in the style of "three in a row." Familiar characters, locations and enemies are waiting for us in the gloomy reflection of Victorian London 1890 sample.
Tyrant UnleashedTyrant Unleashed classic collectible card game made ​​in a futuristic scenery of the distant future. You offer to become an officer of a military factions fighting for control of the habitable and resource-rich planet called Acheron, and lead your people to victory.
Earthcore: Shattered ElementsEarthcore: Shattered Elements - collectible card game, and very importantly, it is completely in Russian. The original universe, well prescribed opening, a lot of characters that do not give concessions to opponents, beautiful graphics and effects, long storyline and addictive process make this project truly one of the best in its genre.
 Shadow Era - Trading Card Game Shadow Era - Trading Card Game - a project in the genre of collectible card game, designed to quickly and efficiently introduce gamers to the rules of the original table, as well as the history of the universe in which things are going. Superb graphics, special effects and the possibility of training with no restrictions - the undoubted advantages of this application.
 Castle Wars Castle Wars - hilarious project in the genre of classical collectible card game, full of humor (sometimes, toilet level) and banter over their peers. Beautiful cartoon graphics and gameplay turns into a serious process of an exciting event. Become the most powerful wizard in all the islands to gather the best deck.

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