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 Kingdom Royale Kingdom Royale - this time we will have a fantastic blend of two genres, namely, strategy and RPG. To counter the enemy, we need to build and safely enhance their own castle. Because of the game revolves around a heavy mineral deposits and minerals, the lack of resources the player experience will be.
 ZENONIA ® 5 ZENONIA 5: Wheel of Destiny - the long-awaited sequel to one of the best games of the RPG genre from Gamevil.
 Cordy 2 Cordy 2 - continuation of a great arcade-hit! After a long and painful journey Cordy and Volt finally arrived in the World 2, when he was besieged by evil Boogaloo. Help Cordy Volta and protect the world from evil!
 Zombiewood - Zombies in LA!

Zombiewood - Zombies in LA! Boundaries have fallen, zombies took over Los Angeles! The streets of dazzling lights, live well-fed and relaxed life of movie stars and celebrities have become a haven for the hordes of evil vampires. Baby, your time has come, it is time to make a dead fiery chaos and knock them out of brains! And all this - for free!

 Where's My Water? (Crocodile Swamp)

Where's My Water?(Crocodile Swamp) - is a fascinating puzzle excellent physical qualities, which you will need to hold the water in the bath Alligator Swamp, based on the urban legend - "Where is the water?"

 Alpha Wave Alpha Wave - great arcade game that combines the originality of ideas on the one hand, but on the other classical basis. Alpha Wave - this is the usual arcade shooter, but generously diluted weapons, different levels, challenging opponents, and most importantly - very attractive animation and high-end graphics.
 Fieldrunners 2 v.1.2 Fieldrunners 2 - be prepared to protect the world! The biggest sequel in the history of Tower Defense: Fieldrunners 2. From the developers Subatomic Studios, creators of award-winning for Best Tower Defence strategy.
 SPIRITED SOUL v.1.29 Spirited Soul - an innovative mobile game in the style of action defense in full 3D! The game received a perfect one-touch control, easy to use which can absolutely everyone. RPG? defense? No, it's a mixture!
 Mouse Storm v.1.0 Mouse Storm - an interesting game for the training of attention and reaction. On your beautiful and clean kitchen crowd bestowed trained mice thieves, who wants to destroy everything. Catch all the thieves and you do not let them leave without food.
 Fantasy Town v.1.3.8

Fantasy Town - create your own fantastic city. Somewhere between your dreams and reality lies a place where creatures of your imagination live their lives, to liven up your own fantasy world!