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Skull Towers - Castle DefenseSkull Towers - Castle Defense - the original strategy in the style of "defense towers" with elements of a shooter, shooting range in the first person. Or vice versa, as you prefer. Here you can completely surrender to self-destruction of evil (and it will be quite difficult) or a couple to help build fortifications ready at any moment to attack.
Dust Bunny Sweep!Dust Bunny Sweep -! Addictive puzzle game with beautiful graphics, lots of levels and different gameplay. The main task will be to sweep the house. Which only the first locations the place looks ordinary (well, if you do not pay attention to a reasonable brush dust), and then it becomes clear that all the action takes place in a strange and magical building with a large population.
Mystic CastleMystic Castle - a new text adventure project from LOCOJOY team responsible for the chic and stylish zombie vyzhivalku BuriedTown. At this time, the game will be even more austere and gloomy, and the action of bleed over into the fantasy universe (or not, as a look at what is happening). Where the protagonist is about luck will smile.
Abandoned Factory Escape 6Abandoned Factory Escape 6 - the next puzzle, or rather a collection of small unrelated puzzles, united only site of action. The game will appeal to those who are absolutely not important story, and most importantly - it is seriously strain the brain in search of an answer to the question of what to do with this incomprehensible set of arms protruding from a more obscure units.
 Fort Raiders SMAAASH! Fort Raiders SMAAASH! - Is a genre mix of "Protection of towers" and online-RTS. Here corporate graphic style Asian developers, match for him music, unlike other gameplay mechanics and classical campaigns "visit" their prey. Strategy in its original wrapper will delight all who are tired of overly repetitive projects.

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