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Super Cat BrosSuper Cat Bros - gorgeous platformer that will be even in the most minute detail yell (or meow) that we face a very high quality stylized old-school platformers projects with pixel graphics. Classic gameplay mechanics, typical music and enjoy a fascinating process, and retro fans and just fans of cool games.
Garfield vs Hot DogGarfield vs Hot Dog - an entertaining adventure game in which the protagonist - known to many a dice red cat named Garfield. Together with his friend, he decided to go on a trip around the world to introduce the inhabitants of five cities with his culinary talents, but here's the problem - he had a serious contender.
PolitiCats: Free Clicker GamePolitiCats: Free Clicker Game - pretty clicker creators who made ​​a winning bet on the fact that their characters are ... seals. Who loves the lion? All!!! So, by definition, have a game interesting and exciting, and given that it is so, then we need to play, play, play it for hours.
Lil BUBs HELLO EARTHLil BUBs HELLO EARTH - adventure game with fun gameplay created in the graphic style of old-school projects. Classical mechanics 2D arcade typical soundtrack and other features will delight connoisseurs and fans of old. Help the main character to find his missing friend among the countless worlds.
Cat Knight StoryCat Knight Story - classic platformer with automatic run. A typical schedule for this genre very well with hardcore gameplay and turns, in fact, the usual "skipping rope" into something really fun and exciting. A cute eared character just gives the whole process more positive impression.
The Bad CatThe Bad Cat - shooter with beautiful graphics and animations created based on the popular cartoon about the Turkish evil cat, who despite his terrible kind of not really doing anything wrong, just so it made ​​the attitude of different people. Many of them just dream to see him dead or locked up in a cage.
Bonnie & Clyde - puzzleBonnie Clyde - puzzle - an addictive puzzle game for children with a good developmental effect. Observation, logic, the score, the ability to react quickly and make decisions much more savvy and unnoticeably for your child will train. A beautiful graphics, a huge amount of levels and a good story just adds positive emotions from the game.
Cat Goes FishingCat Goes Fishing - visually simple but highly addictive arcade game about the cat-fisherman. But the unusual and very intelligent, rather than go into the water and soak feet, he bought the bait and now quietly thrust the catch ashore. Nice graphics, the possibility of developing a variety of tasks and will delight all lovers of monitoring the float.
Quantum CatsQuantum Cats - straight from the tin clone cult of evil birds, but cats in the title role. Nice graphics, the now classic gameplay, boxes full of cute kittens will please all who are tired of the bright and pompous birds. While the project has small number of missions, but let's hope for a speedy development of the game, both qualitatively and sizes.
GuncatGuncat - a hilarious arcade game about the cat who was deprived of sleep pesky birds. The game is ideal for those who want to have fun and not intricately spend their free time. Beautiful graphics and elegant protagonist like all without exception. A fierce struggle against tailed birds capture gamers for a long time.

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