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Dan The ManDan The Man - cool classic arcade game from Halfbrick Studios, the creators of such masterpieces as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. A characteristic depiction character will do what has always made heroes of old school games, movies and other things where the villains have lost a sense of fear in the end, namely, to beat and destroy the bosses and their minions.
Bean DreamsBean Dreams - 2D arcade game created by their developers specifically for those who miss the classic platformer, characteristic sounds simple but addictive gameplay, old school, but the eye pleasing graphics, and other nice features of the heart that have been inherent in the projects of the last game era.
Skate PaperboySkate Paperboy - a remake of the cult-classic arcade rethinking has become a favorite pastime of several generations of gamers. Periodically since that time there are clones of various quality and originality. Here and this time we attempt to replicate the incredible success of the adventure newsboy.
Deckstorm: Duel of GuardiansDeckstorm: Duel of Guardians - classic collectible card game from DeNA Corp. In the description just says that the developers at its creation inspired by well-known representatives of the genre. The design and mechanics immediately traced heritage Magic: The Gathering and Earthcore: Shattered Elements. What, in principle, can only please all fans of the genre.
Lil BUBs HELLO EARTHLil BUBs HELLO EARTH - adventure game with fun gameplay created in the graphic style of old-school projects. Classical mechanics 2D arcade typical soundtrack and other features will delight connoisseurs and fans of old. Help the main character to find his missing friend among the countless worlds.
Brave RascalsBrave Rascals - ideal for those who are tired of the countless strategies similar to each other like two drops of water from the shooters in the same category, from dozens of games about zombiapokalipsis and other things than we "delight" the creators of the same type of products for mobile devices. Welcome to the childhood or in ancient times to modern gamers!
Snake LegendsSnake Legends - the next step in the evolution of this legendary and well-known games like "Snake". Once it was only entertainment on monochrome screens and became the best simulator for the reaction and finger dexterity. Hardcore spawned legends and incredible stories. But now Play365 turned it into something more easy and exciting.
Angry Birds 2 After the resounding success of Angry Birds and release a huge pile of various add-ons, add-ons, vnezhanrovyh games in the universe, and even greater number of clones and copies of dubious quality, Rovio has provided gamers on the court full continuation of the cult kazualki confrontation about birds and pigs. Repeat the "feat" predecessor Angry Birds 2 show time.
Tiny Dangerous DungeonsTiny Dangerous Dungeons - the classic retro platforming adventure in subgenre metroidvaniya familiar with this project graphics and gameplay. You have to go down to the intricate labyrinth inhabited by a variety of unpleasant creatures and reach the coveted treasure. The dangers and traps will make your walk in the real test.
 SONIC RUNNERS Meet the new adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends in Rahner SONIC RUNNERS. All the familiar characters and villains continue their opposition. Catch up with Dr. Eggman and bring down his aircraft. Beautiful graphics, corporate architecture levels and other features inherent in this series of games will please all fans of the universe.

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