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Hollywood BillionaireHollywood Billionaire - straight from the tin clicker by Tapps Games in virtually the same vein as their previous «masterpiece» Vlogger Go Viral. Only now, we will accelerate the process tapami filming different movies, thereby conquer the peaks of glory. Cute graphics and high duration of the game certainly easily absorb all the free time.
Bit CityBit City - a cool mix of urban simulation, the clicker and even a couple of ways. Voxel graphics, simple controls and great opportunities to have an original idea seems to be fully opened genre for a long time entice all fans of unpretentious projects.
Charming KeepCharming Keep - cute, but very standard clicker on the mechanics of gameplay. Action will take place in a fantasy universe with a good sense of humor, beautiful graphics and big tree of all that you can think of in this genre. The game is easily absorb the spare time and ask for more.
Idle Space - Endless ClickerIdle Space - Endless Clicker - a very original and quite endless clicker where the classic gameplay "zatapay all" mixed with old school arcade futuristic shooter with a vertical scrolling. The mixture is to be not only interesting, but also very beautiful, which adds to the positive experience of the process.
Tap HeroTap Hero - mega hardcore clicker survival with pixel graphics and the need to have an incredibly accurate sense of rhythm. It is useful for constant battles with hordes of assorted opponents. To put any more or less impressive record of this will turn away from the world and focus on the process.
Oil Tycoon - Idle Clicker GameOil Tycoon - Idle Clicker Game - a classic simulator tapa with standard mechanics and extremely slow development of the system, which makes the game (oddly enough) with infinite gameplay even longer. We have to start your journey in the industry of oil production with a view to its subsequent sale.
Raising human catastrophes - I love fishRaising human catastrophes - I love fish - something like this can translate the name of the game with purely Korean odlskulnoy graphics and slightly crazy gameplay and storyline. Do not be surprised if the project characters, since it is only for gamers southern part of the peninsula, but anyone can easily understand the mechanics.
Tap Tap Evil MastermindTap Tap Evil Mastermind - a continuation of the clicker Tap Tap Trillionaire. The main character just reached and become incredibly rich. It is certainly fun, but only the first couple of days. He soon got bored, he dismissed his entire team, and the money distributed to governments around the world and they were immediately stolen. And he continued to live at the legendary home-office.
Oh Sheep - Clicker GameOh Sheep - Clicker Game -! Clicker creators of which have simply copied Egg inc. turning the original on the track "production" of other living creatures. If someone liked the original project, Oh Sheep also have liked. Both games are alike as two drops of water, but equally fascinating and exciting.
Happy OinkHappy Oink - lovely "simulator tapa" with elements of music games with nice graphics and good gameplay. The project offers a purely meditative and creative process in which we will improve the mood of a large pink pig remaining all alone on the farm.

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